There are two parts to the final: 1) Discuss how or if your own personal value system will correlate with the ethical standards of our Social Work profession. Be attentive to include how conflict may present itself for you and reflect on how you would work through it should the need arise. Please be genuine, honest and forthright; this is a safe time to do so. These reflections should be meaningful and descriptive.
Utilize the NASW Code of Ethics as your guideline, addressing at a minimum of 10 separate codes contained throughout the entire Ethical Standards section (please don’t focus on just one Code and its many variables for example 1.07). Also remember to cite correctly when referring to the code. If you choose to identify the Ethical Principles (found at the beginning of the document) please understand those will not fulfill the assignment and are considered merely an “extra” to the assignment. 40 points minimum 8 pages/Works cited is pg. 9
2) Read NASW Code: Impairment 4.05 a and b and reflect upon the fact that we too may become impaired with our own issues within our own personal and/or professional life. Develop a personal care plan for yourself. Identifying a minimum of 10 effective strategies — specific to you — that will support you in working through your stress and challenges in a healthy and functional manner.
Below are two websites that can offer you some direction but feel free to access any framework that works for you. Please be sincere, genuine and identify and discuss individual strategies that are congruent with you and your own values. This care-plan is yours and hopefully, you’ll keep it and refer to it as you continue down your path.