Ethics and Research


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Read the Wheelright essay on “the Meaning of Ethics in our Hirschberg text. If you are in psychology, read the APA Ethical principles.
Take some notes about ethical principles from this reading and be ready to apply its principles to the following case study, pointing out parts of code that apply.



Case Study Readings:

Andrew Wakefield The Lancet • Vol 351 • February 28,

1998 Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children

Read the following articles and compare/contrast with Wakefield’s claims and include in your post:

The MMR vaccine and autism: Sensation, refutation, retraction, and fraud in Indian Journal of Psychiatry by T. S. Sathyanarayana Rao and Chittaranjan Andrade


NY Times “A Discredited Vaccine Study’s Continuing Impact” 1 Feb 2015 by Clyde Haberman

Vaccines and Autism: A Tale of Shifting Hypotheses. Clinical Infectious Diseases (Oxford) by Plotkin, Gerber and Offit.”