Ethics and Social responsibility in HRM (Oman LNG)

Ethics and Social responsibility in HRM (Oman LNG)

Order Description
1. The report should meet academic writing standards in terms of ideas, critical thinking, and analysis, planning, organization and effective research writing requirements.
? You may use the following format when writing your report:
• Title
• Introduction
• Review of Literature
• Analysis and Application on the chosen organisation (Oman LNG) or Any Local organisation in Oman not international
• Conclusion and recommendations
? Analysis and recommendations should be supported by academic literature
write a report on how a local organization has addressed the challenges arising out of the chosen contemporary issue in Human Resource Management. The written report should also highlight the strategies used by companies to resolve / address any such challenges. The groups can choose any one of the following contemporary issues in human resource management.
1. Ethics and Social Responsibility in HRM

the report should cover the following:

1) A brief history of the chosen local organization (Oman LNG)
2) An evaluation of the challenges / issues facing the organization based on the chosen Contemporary Issue in HR

3) An evaluation of how the organization has addressed the challenges/ issues

4) Recommendations on how the organization could better address these issues/ challenges to enhance their competitive advantage