Ethics – Ethical Issue


After reading and reflecting on the article news, and research articles address the following questions in your essay:

1) What is the ethical dilemma! ethical issue in the news article? Describe it in your own words-

2) Who are the stakeholders in this ethical dilemma? That is, who has something to lose or win, and why?

3) What does the research say about this?

4) Analyze this problem with two I three different ethical theories-

For example:

a) Analyze this problem from the principle of categorical imperative- What course of action is the right one, from the standpoint of a Kantian ethics?

b) Analyze this problem in terms of the principle of utility. What course of action does a utilitarian ethics support? Explain your answer-

5) What do you think the right thing to do is in this case? Defend your answer by using a theory we learned this semester. Be clear and thorough!