Ethics: Fiction or Reality – The Glass Ceiling

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Ethics: Fiction or Reality – The Glass Ceiling

Although it is deemed as “work in progress”, some companies have ploys and gimmicks that slow down the pace of women empowerment in the workplace. As one of the realities of unethical practices in corporate America, it does not augur well with liberal feminists who believe that oppression and inequality must be Justifies.

2.universal living wage

Write a 5 paragraph Argument/Persuasion essay that uses an outside source
Choose either an INDIRECT approach or an OFFENSIVE approach

choose one of the subjects below OR chose your own (you must have your
subject approved by me if you choose your own).
– Pick a subject that interests you.
– instituting participatory democracy
– stem cell research
– the use of pesticides
– genetically modified food crops
– universal living wage
– free post-secondary education
– legislated restriction of family size
– prosecuting illegal downloads
– internet censorship
– increasing military spending
– same sex marriage (or adoption)
– equity hiring
– First Nations’ fishing (or land) rights
– religion in public schools