Ethics Philosophy and Program

Ethics Philosophy and Program
Project Overview

The course project is an in-depth paper where you will apply all of the principles of this class by creating a comprehensive ethics philosophy and program for a real world company. To complete this project, you will engage in substantial legal research and analyze a variety of complex ethical and legal issues. The goal of the course project will be for you to apply all of these concepts learned during the class in the modern business environment.


In a 10-12 page paper in APA format, with additional cover and reference pages, develop a Comprehensive Ethics Philosophy & Program for a company of your choosing. Use a minimum of 5 references (business references, scholarly journals, and books). The final paper should include original written content. Use quotes sparingly.

Each component listed must be included in the program:

Company Ethical Philosophy and Justification for such a policy
Ethical Policies and Procedures
Measures of Ethical Effectiveness
Rewards for Ethical Behavior
Guidelines for Ethical Decision Making
Assessment of the Ethical Climate
Cultivation of Ethical Practices
Focus on Ethical Leadership
Ethics Education and Training
Company Philosophy on Litigation

Project Outcomes

This assignment supports the following outcomes:

Conduct legal research and locate case law.

Analyze business ethics through an inquiry into the foundations of moral reasoning and the ethical issues that arise in a wide range of contemporary business practices, both domestically and globally.

Analyze the major consumer protection laws that influence business practices.

Evaluate elements of business contracts.