Ethnic Diversity and Health

Discuss inequalities in health according to ethnicity and evaluate sociological explanations.”( 1595 words count) follows, Detailed guidance is provided on page 6, HOW FAIR IS BRITAIN? into the assignment brief for ethnic diversity and health( upload into the additional materials.
The racial and ethnic issue in Britain. ( health) The history of racism.

  1. Understand the concepts of “race” & “ethnicity”.
    1.1 Explain the biological, as opposed to the cultural, basis for differentiating groups.
    1.2 Explain the significance of race as a social definition.
  2. Understand the historical roots of racial inequality & subsequent discrimination.
    2.1 Analyse the explanations of the historical roots of racism.
    2.2 Explain the differences between cultural and institutional racism, giving clear examples of both.
  3. Understand the issues surrounding ethnic minorities & social disadvantage in British society today.
    3.1 Evaluate factors contributing to ethnic disadvantage & describe sociological explanations of racism.
  4. Understand the implications of ethnicity in relation to inequality in health care.
    4.1 Compare & contrast, with examples, recent accounts of ethnic disadvantage in health care provision.
    Distinction achievement: