Ethnography Paper

Ethnography Paper

Basic on the ethnographic research proposal, write a Ethnography Paper.

• have an ethnographic thesis or argument, This will be similar to the “ethnographic thesis” that you read about in your reading assignment from Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes.
• use a “hook” to start paper.

• What are some subtopics that fit under your main argument or topic statement? These could form the body of your paper. From your fieldnotes, you should identify one or two interesting themes that emerged from your fieldwork. These main themes may form the central thesis for your paper. What do your observations tell you about the cultural beliefs, rules, and habits at work in this context?

• Which specific observations and/or episodes from your fieldnotes fit with these subtopics? Pair each subtopic with data that you collected that illustrate the significance of the point that make for each subtopic.

• keep paper concise and well-argued, with each element of the paper supporting a central argument.
• describe the setting of your fieldwork as a social space. (Who was present? What types of social interactions and activities did you observe?)

• interpret the meaning and significance of these social interactions and practices for the reader by drawing on ethnographic evidence in your fieldnotes that you collected. Why were these interactions significant? What do your observations tell us about the cultural beliefs, rules, and habits at work in this gaming context?
• try connect these readings in the paper and cited the sources
Gamer – The Stereotype