European Directors

In a 7-10 page research paper address one of directors from the list below, alone or in relation to other directors working at the same time (for example, Margarete von Trotta’s later work or other directors like Helke Sander, who were part of the New German Cinema “movement”. Discuss their role as a European director. How might you situate their work to evolving notions of European identity specific to their own work or their own country? Or, on the other hand, do they slip of such categories, and if so, why (Claire Denis, for example, whose awareness of French colonialism and neo-colonialism influenced her idea of France profoundly.) Utilize the readings attached below as your base, and then conduct original research. Remember, NO websites other than, for example, that of a national film museum or archive: you should get essays from recognized scholarly sources (using the JSTOR and PROJECT MUSE databases) and/or books.