Euthanasia and abortion

1) Pastor Jane receives a letter from the Department of Labor in Washington inviting her church to apply for a grant for a faith-based initiative in job counseling. She is for it, but her Board is adamantly against it. Reluctantly, she declines the invitation.
Should Pastor Jane accept the invitation and convince her board on its importance? (150 words)

2) A starving woman with her toddler stood at a fence with no sign, “No Trespassing.” Beyond the fence are acres of land with fruit trees, some which are dropping their fruit on the ground. The mother climbs over the fence and gathers fruit for her child and herself. She has chosen theft rather than starvation for both her and her child.
Can Circumstances Excuse us from doing wrong, Like stealing because of Hunger?(350 words)

3) A lost boy of Sudan, about 18 years of age, shrugs his shoulders when asked how many people he has killed over the 9 years since his recruitment. When asked if he feels he has done something wrong, he shakes his head, “no.”

When can someone be said to have done something wrong, is it when he feels he or she has done something wrong or not? (350 words)

4) Alice and Robert are in heated discussion on euthanasia and abortion. Alice is thoroughly against both while Robert is for both. Patty enters into the conversation, and says that she is for abortion and euthanasia in some situations. Alice and Robert ignore her.