Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources

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Evaluating Sources – Synthesis Exercise with Works Cited

1. Read chapter 2 of the textbook: “Reading, Evaluating and Responding To Arguments”

2. Read the article about grade inflation on page 260. Afterward, answer the following questions in complete sentences. This would mean turning the question into a statement and then answering.

This writing assignment is NOT an academic essay. It is just another type of synthesis exercise which you will answer in complete sentences.

Follow the page setup in MLA Page Format. Refer to your sources in MLA style. Refer to a source only by the last name of the author if an author is named. Jones says…. not The article written by Jones. Don’t use words such as the source or the article to refer to a source.

See MLA In-Text Citations for details such as more than one author, when there is no author, and for punctuation with parentheses with citations (parenthetical documentation) and signal phrases (words that say who says the quote).

You must also create a Works Cited page for this assignment and list in MLA page format.

1. In a paragraph of at least 10 sentences, summarize the article.
2. Who wrote the source?
3. What kind of qualifications does the author have to speak on the subject?
4. If there is not a person named as an author, does it impact the validity of the source?
5. Is the information clearly presented?
6. Is a balanced viewpoint presented? If so, what is it?
7. Is there a bias? What is it?
8. Are the claims made backed up by evidence? What are they?
9. If so, is the evidence verifiable?
10. Is there a financial motive?
11. Is the information presented current?