Evaluation essay on Against School

Brief Explanation

The evaluation is a type of writing that discusses your perspective about someone else’s work.


You must critique one of the articles from chapter 2 “Learning Power” of Rereading America 10th ed., discussing the effectiveness of the selection by evaluating the techniques that the author uses. You will include your opinion of the selection and then concrete evidence from the text itself that illustrates your point. Your opinion must be the driving force of the essay even though you are discussing someone else’s work. Keep in mind that you must determine if the author accomplishes the task that they set out to accomplish. This means that if the text is a narrative, a criticism of the text would not state that more statistical evidence needed to be included. If you are unsure about what a text is attempting to accomplish, read the introduction provided by the textbook editors or send me a message using the Canvas inbox.


The final essay must be a 900-1,050 word (this word limit does not include the heading, title, or Works Cited page) evaluation of ONE of the articles from chapter 2 “Learning Power” of Rereading America 10th ed.
Write a thesis statement communicates your overall judgment of the selection.
The work that you choose to evaluate will be the only source that you use in this essay.
Please review the summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting presentation.
You must include one summary sentence that communicates the overall point of the essay.
You must include one direct quote from the essay. Be sure to integrate the quotation effectively using the three-part integration method.
You must also include summaries and paraphrases of selections from the passage, but you will decide how and when to integrate them.
Include in-text citations where appropriate and include a correctly formatted Works Cited page at the end of the essay. These guidelines are presented in the incorporating sources presentation and The Little Seagull handbook.
Final Notes

Look over the final draft of your essay, revising as necessary.
Format the page correctly using the MLA manuscript submission guidelines.Preview the document
Look for and edit 2nd person, contraction, spelling, and mechanical errors. Remove unnecessary 1st person references.
Look for and revise grammatical errors.
Review paragraphs for specific and adequate development.
Review the in-text citations and make sure that you have included a properly formatted Works Cited page.
If you have questions, message me in Canvas as soon as possible.

Colombo, Gary, et al., editors. Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing. 10th ed., Bedford/St. Martins, 2016.