Evaluation of Alternatives and Strategic Choice

The following post has three assignments;

1. Evaluation of Alternatives and Strategic Choice

Explain the rationale underlying the external/internal strategy matix

Describe the product life cycle. How is it useful for thinking about the adaptive strategy of a health care organization?

Why is the length of the product life cycle important for strategy formulation?

What adaptive strategic alternatives are indicated for each stage of the product life cycle?

Is BCG portfolio analysis useful for developing adaptive strategic alternatives for health care organizations?

2.Public Diplomacy

Write a blog post on any 5 topics of your choice about Public diplomacy.
1. Public diplomacy and soft power
2.Nation branding and competitive identity
3.Non-State actors in Public diplomacy
4. Public diplomacy and the media
5. US Public diplomacy under President Trump

3.Native Americans and Early Americans

Should Native Americans Receive Reparations for the Ill-Gotten Gains of Early Americans who Drove them off Their Land? From the aspect of “lack of employment opportunities”.