Event Attendance Report

Event Attendance Report

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For this assignment, you will need to make arrangements to attend an event, activity, or place at which would be considered a minority. Examples include but are not limited to: a cultural event focused on a culture different from yours, a church of a different denomination, a realistic, ethnic restaurant, anywhere that your primary language is not the primary language being spoken (includes sign language), possibly a welfare office or an elite country club if one group differs from your SES, etc. Attend this event, staying for at least an hour or longer. As you are participating, observing, and being a part of this activity think about what it is like for you. After attending the event, write a report (5 pages) of your experience. This report should address the following:

a. Brief description of event and how/why you chose it

b. Connection between this event/group of people and the readings in Section 1, namely privilege, the impact of gender and culture, family therapy theories, etc.

c. What was your inner reaction – cognitive (i.e., description of self-talk or other thoughts) and emotional (i.e., what feelings you experiences). Particularly comment on whether you were anxious at any point and why or why not.

d. Finally, describe what you learned about: 1) yourself, 2) the culture, and 3) family systems.

e. Reflect on how your personal views regarding differences in culture might impact the provision of therapeutic services to clients from various cultural backgrounds.