Events of Othello

Events of Othello

The post has three asighnments

1:Identify the one character that you believe is the most to blame for the tragic events of Othello (other than Iago). Prove this character’s guilt by referencing specific textual evidence and providing sound reasoning to explain how your evidence supports


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Required Task
Choose a company and Industry from the link below (speak to your tutor regarding your chosen company). Read your chosen company information/reports carefully and address the tasks outlined below in your case study report.

Details of the Task
Brexit: Single market and free movement of people

After triggering article 50, the UK will begin negotiations to leave the European Union (EU), the process has wide implications not only to immigration but also to business operations in the UK, EU and the world at large. The current UK’s demand in this negotiation is to have full access and benefits to the single market without any exception. The UK is a great nation with a strong economy and business relations with many countries across the world (Horan 2016).

In your role:

1. You have been employed as an operation management consultant by the UK’s chamber of commerce to advise them on the future challenges that the specific industry you chose, and operation managers will face after the Brexit.

2. Identify and analyse the new operational management roles that will be needed in the UK’s for the Company/Industry you chose to cope with competition after Brexit.

3. Formulate a project plan and outline for an operations strategy for the company/industry and the operations manager in the event that the UK did not get a favourable full access to the EU single market. (Tips consider manufacturing/operation process, project management, supply chain management, marketing functions, etc).
(NB: Use relevant theoretical and conceptual models to support your analyse).

Guidance notes and considerations

Always consider following: What? When? Why? Where? & How? in developing your assignments. These will assist you in demonstrating your depth of knowledge and understanding and critical analysis. Remember to support your concept / academic argument with examples as it allows the audience to appreciate the rigour and your understanding of the task.


Horan (2016) Brexit and Free Movement of People. The Institute of International and European Affairs. [online] available from [07/04/2017]

1) Identify your plan

2) Formulate your plan specific activites and timelines achieve a certain aim

3) What plan they should take to be competitive

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