Evidence based approach to management.

You are the Director of Radiology in a hospital.
a) You have been asked to create a dashboard for your department. Identify 3 specific performance measures would you include on the dashboard a. why? ( consider utilization, financial, quality, human resource measures) BE SPECIFIC and make sure your examples are related to radiology in a hospital!
b) As the Director of Radiology you believe in an evidence based approach to management. Identify 3 specific things you would do as an evidence based manager?
c) Physicians are complaining that they are waiting too hg for the results of x-rays. Patients are complaining that it is taking too long to schedule an x-ray. As the manager of this clinical support service, you feel that demand for medical imaging services has increased and you need more staff and more equipment to meet the demand. Show how you would use the epidemiologic planning model to measure the demand for x-ray services in your hospital??
3) You are the Director of Activities/Recreational Therapy for Dearheart Nursing Home.
a) Your administrator tells you that she would like the activities in the home to be more patient centered. How would you go about creating patient centered activities programs? ( be specific) In answering this question, you must demonstrate your understanding of patient centered care.

  1. Consider the following case that occurred in a major Boston hospital