Evidence-Based Practice executive leadership in your organization,


Your team has presented its preliminary findings to the executive leadership in your organization, but leadership has some doubts about some of the information they received. Each member of the
team has been charged with doing a critical examination of recent research around each member’s area of expertise. As the team’s nursing representative, you need to look specifically at the health
care concerns identified in the Windshield Survey assessment.

The first step in preparing to write a review of the research is to define your topic. For this assessment, your review will provide a comprehensive overview of the needs of the population you
identified in the Windshield Survey assessment in terms of health promotion and disease prevention, the factors that contribute to health disparities for the population, and the need for the
organization to improve health care delivery to the population.

Please, search for current scholarly or peer-reviewed professional research articles that:

Examine the health care risks and needs of your population.
Analyze the need to improve health care delivery to the population.
Evaluate, critically, the factors that affect health promotion and disease prevention for the population.
Examine strategies to reduce health disparities for your population.
Locate at least 5–7 resources so that you can eliminate 2–3 if necessary. You may discover, for example, as you read each article more in-depth, that they may not all have the focus you need for
your review.


For this assessment, you need to develop several points around which to apply the research from the articles you located. Specifically, you need to:

Compare statistics for the primary health concern of your population to the rest of the general population in the United States. This would include frequency of occurrence, age groups most at risk,
frequency of fatality, and so on.
Describe the epidemiological concepts, data analysis methods, tools, and databases used in the research studies you located. Address any flaws or biases you believe are present.
Explain the factors that affect health promotion and disease prevention for the population. (Hint: These may be things such as language barriers, cultural values, generational differences, social
fear, and access to services.)
Describe the types of health care initiatives that have been tried by other organizations specifically for the primary health care concern or the population.
Recommend one health care initiative for your population, based on your research,
These should be the ideas, or points, that your review is based on. For each point, present all of the evidence you located. For this assessment, that should be at least four current research
articles, although not all of the articles will typically offer evidence on all of your points.

Be sure your assessment includes:

An introduction that presents the points you will cover.
The body that presents the research on the points.
A conclusion that restates the points in your introduction.
Your assessment should be 4–5 pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. Be sure you follow APA guidelines for style and format.