Exam of Renaissance Studies

Exam of Renaissance Studies
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The following are the questions for the first exam: No less than a page for each essay.
1. Explain the difference between theo-centrism and anthropo-centrism (25 points).
2. How does Petrarch change the Medieval World with the introduction of Humanism? Or don’t do this question and write a novella instead (x does something bad to y and y gets back at x and x has to figure out a way to get away with.) (25 points)

No less than a half page for each historical character or term.
3. Identify the following historical characters (50 points): Dante, Petrarch, Constantine the Great, Boccaccio, William the Conqueror, King Frederic II of Sicily, The Guelphs, The Ghibellines, Alfonso El Sabio, Charlemagne,