Instructions: (use formulas or functions unless otherwise noted)

Fitness 24/7 has a large client base that are looking to follow a strict calorie intake diet combined with exercise.  Therefore, in order to help their clients follow

a routine, Fitness 24/7 has set up a model to keep track of the hours of exercise per day in order to meet the target calorie intake. Follow the steps to work through

the model to make use of the different built-in Excel functions.

1.     Create a model using the template on D2L. (Filename:  3100 Excel Assignment 2 Outline Spring 2015)
2.     Use range names to define the following values:
a.     5%:  Calorie_Decrease
b.     35%: Breakfast
c.     35%: Lunch
d.     25%: Dinner
e.     35%: Exercise
f.     Assign the “Calories to be Burned/Hours” Table a range name as follows: “HoursofExercise”.
(NOTE: Do not select the table headers while assigning the table name)
3.     “Total Calories Allowed” for Monday is 2000.
4.     Calculate the 5% decrease in “Total Calories Allowed” for each day after Monday.
5.     Breakfast is 35% of “Total Calories Allowed.”
6.     Lunch is 35% of “Total Calories Allowed.”
7.     Snack for each day is simply 200.
8.     Dinner is 25% of “Total Calories Allowed.”
9.     Calculate “Total Calorie Intake” using the SUM function.
10.     Exercise is 35% of the “Total Calorie Intake.”
11.     Calculate “Net Calories Consumed” using a formula. (Difference between “Total Calorie Intake” and “Exercise”)
12.     Using the VLOOKUP function calculate the “Hours of Exercise needed” to burn the Calories calculated in “Exercise.”
13.     Use the goal seek analysis to set the “Exercise” for Friday to 600. (Use the “Snack” for Friday as the cell to be modified for your model.)
14.     Page Orientation Landscape; Create a header to include your name (center section), INFS 3100 Spring 2015 (right section), and Excel Assignment # 2 (left

section). (Use the header function.)
15.     Print a copy of your completed worksheet. (No row or column borders, e.g., A, B, C, 1, 2, 3)
16.     Print a copy of your cell formulas.
17.     Submit hardcopies of your work. There will be 2 pages. (Staple the pages together.)
18.     Save your file. You may need to use it again for another assignment. (I may request to see the file electronically.)

Fitness 24/7 – Weight Loss Program

Calories to be Burned    Hours        Note: The intensity of the workout may vary, which might change the amount of calories burned/hour.

500    1        See staff for advice.

700    2

800    3

1000    4

Days    Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday    Friday

Total Calories Allowed    2000






Total Calorie Intake


Net Calories Consumed

Hours of Exercise needed

Range Names

Calorie_Decrease    5%

Breakfast    35%

Lunch    35%

Dinner    25%

Exercise    35%