Exodus 1-18

First, share 7 things about the story in Exodus 1-18 that you find interesting-
In what ways might we say that women save the day in Exodus 1-18? Try to list all of the examples in the text-
Offer your own definition of what it means to “fear God” (Ex 1217, 21) that is based on the actions of the midwives in Exodus 128-21-
Compare Exodus 3-4-16 with Exodus 6-1-8- What is said to be new revelation in these passages?
Did the patriarchs Know God by the name Yahweh (“the LORD”) in Genesis? For example, see Gen 4-26 and 15-7- What do you think of this in light
of Exodus 622-3?
Which is the first plague the Egyptian magicians cannot duplicate?
Does God do anything that surprises you in these chapters?