Experimental compression tests on the Stability of Structural Steel Tubular Props


Write about this project (read the proposal well it describe the idea of the thesis clearly have sample of description for some of the graphs (not all) and it just sample. So in the second part I need more dissection about the graphs
All the graphs I make them well and organized in the order as the following instructions:

Each specimen has 4 graphs, so these 4 graphs should be discussed together as 4 graphs for one specimen which they are:
a) load vs stroke
b) Load vs Lateral displacement
c) Load vs strain (u) (-) compression
d) Load vs strain (u) (+) tension
Then there will be compare each two specimens with same (inserted length or Over lab) with different thickness
Then there will be discussion for each 5 specimens with different (inserted length or Over lab) with same thickness (in one graph)
Then will be discussion for each specimen with and without double pin
Then will be general compare with all specimens together in one graph

The abstract and introduction should have some changes related to the (new results in the second part)
The comments under the graphs it’s some hints to help the writer (but this is not the only compere) the writer should compare and write about the graphs about this comments and he should add more discussion about the graphs (Do not just stick to comments add more from yours)