Explain the persistence of the sweatshop in fashion production.

Explain the persistence of the sweatshop in fashion production.

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3,000 word essay presented in academic format, including bibliography and references and accurate word count.

– historical, economic and social/sociological factors
– putting out system

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READINGS TO USE (and any more you find applicable):
— Green, N. 1997. ‘The Sweatshop as Workplace and Metaphor’, in Ready-to-Wear: Ready-to-Work: a Century of Industry and Immigrants in Paris and New York. London: Duke University Press
Excellent historical discussion of the persistence of the sweat shop in the fashion industry.

— Hoskin, T. 2014. Stitching it. In, Stitched Up: the Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion. London: Pluto
Short, useful, discussion of sweatshops in fashion manufacturing.

— Phizacklea, A. 1990. Unpacking the Fashion Industry: Gender, Racism and Class in Production. London: Routledge
Short but detailed analysis of ‘sweated’ labour in fashion production, also worth reading for the insight it offers into the industrial structure of fashion production. Since its original publication the issues explored have become globalised.

— Ross, A. ed. 1997. No Sweat: Fashion, Free Trade and the Rights of Garment Workers. London: Verso
Highly accessible and wide ranging collection examining the use of ‘sweated’ labour in fashion production, nb ? M. Piore ‘The Economics of the sweat shop’ which is essential reading for the essay question.

— Fine, B. and Leopold, E. 1993. The World of Consumption. First Edition. London: Routledge
nb chap 15 on the growth of advertising in the fashion industry.


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