Explanatory Synthesis Prompt



Explanatory Synthesis Prompt
Task: Write a 3-4 page synthesis paper that explains some of the current issues in advertising, utilizing the sources listed
below to support your response. You must explain this topic by identifying connections among the texts and organizing
your paper around common ideas or subtopics. Do not express your opinion in this paper but provide an objective account
of the information you have collected from the readings. This paper will be written in APA format.
Purpose: The ability to synthesize multiple sources is a skill that is crucial for success at the university level and beyond.
This assignment allows you demonstrate your understanding of a complex issue based on your comprehension of the texts
and synthesis of information. You must appropriately integrate relevant ideas and information from the readings into your
paper in order to explain the current issues in advertising.
The best way to accomplish this is to organize your paper by IDEAS rather than sources. To do this, it is important to be
able to answer the following questions:
1) How do the texts relate to each other? Do they discuss common ideas?
2) In what ways do the texts support or agree with one another? Do the texts share similar ideas about this topic?
3) Are there places where the texts contradict or disagree with one another?
• “Let’s Move: But Not with Shaq and Beyoncé” by Alexandra Sifferlin (pgs. 15-18)
• “Every Nook and Cranny: The Dangerous Spread of Commercialized Culture” by Gary Ruskin & Juliet Schor (pgs. 1-6)
• “Is Nothing Sacred” by Linda Formichelli (page 19-22)
• “YouTube App for Children Faces Advocates’ New Complaints over Junk Food ” by Cecilia Kang (pgs. 23-26)
Optional Readings
• “Captive Audiences—The Commercialization of Public Schools from Born to Buy” by Juliet Schor (pgs. 7-14)
• “A Balancing Act” by April Moore (pgs. 27-29)
Paper Length and Format
Your essay will: • Be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one inch margins.
• Be 3-4 pages long, not including the Reference page. • Include a References page in APA format that references the three articles you discuss.
• Have an original title
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Paper 1-2 Due Midterm
Paper 1 Explanatory Synthesis Prompt
Content and Organization
I. Introductory Section- that familiarizes readers with the topic of advertising, the issues that will be
discussed in your paper, and connects them with a clear thesis statement
II. Body paragraphs- that include at least three subtopics along with supporting evidence from the
texts we read for this unit
III. Conclusion- that recaps the important points from your paper
Remember: You can use as many paragraphs as you need for each part of the paper.
Content, Ideas, and Development:
The paper responds clearly and appropriately to the prompt. The writer addresses a topic specific to
advertising and presents the topic objectively. Paragraphs are developed to fully explain each subtopic
and its relationship to the overall topic. ___ / 20
Use of Text Sources:
The writer has incorporated the readings into the paper through synthesis.
Relevant portions of the readings have been used in logical places in the essay.
Sources are paraphrased accurately, showing that the writer has understood the text.
The writer has introduced and analyzed information from the readings effectively. The writer has used
summary, paraphrase and direct quotation effectively to strengthen the paper. ___ / 25
The beginning introduces the topic and clearly expresses the main idea.
The organization of the body paragraphs follows the thesis statement and is focused on ideas.
Ideas flow logically and are well-connected within and between paragraphs.
The conclusion ties the ideas back to the thesis and is crucial to the paper. ___ / 10
Language Use (Grammar):
Grammar errors are minimal and do not cause difficulty for the reader. The writer has attempted to use a
range of grammatical structures, showing evidence of sophistication.
There are few problems of sentence structure (run-ons, fragments), or subject/verb agreement.
Sentence variety is used effectively. Paper demonstrates coordination, subordination, transitions, and
adjective clauses to connect the multiple sources. ___ / 20
Vocabulary and Tone:
Words have been chosen carefully to convey the message. There is a sophisticated range of vocabulary that
is precise.
Choices in word forms are correct.
The essay consistently has an appropriate academic tone. ___ / 15
Mechanics and Format:
Rules for spelling, punctuation and capitalization followed and shows evidence of having been proofread.
The paper and References page clearly follow APA style.
The paper has 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12 point font and is double spaced.
The sources have been cited in-text and in References page.