Explore Research with children

The essay will set out a proposal for a hypothetical research project. The guidance below represents information for suggestion only. Each student should decide the specific content and structure, including the word count for each section. Intro (200) • Make sure you include your research question in this section. Area of interest (300) • Why is this an area worthy of research? • Set the context for your proposal. • How could such a piece of research usefully contribute? Research Question (300) • What are the aims of your research? • Explain to the reader how you arrived at your research question. • What informed your decisions? • How did your question develop and what questions did you discard on the way? • State your final research question again • You may find it appropriate to use ‘I’ when writing this section. Review of the literature (2000) • What have others already found out about this issue? • How did you decide to search the literature? • What themes have you discovered when you looked at the literature regarding this issue? • How will you demonstrate criticality? • Identify a gap in knowledge if possible. • State your question again. Methodology (1000) • How will you design your research? • What methods will you use and why? • How have you included children’s rights to participation, voice and agency? • Which wider reading have you drawn on to inform your research design? • Who will your participants be and how will you recruit them? • How will you analyse and present your data? • What might the limitations be? • You must include a section on ethics. What could any ethical issues be and how will you address them? • What will the time scale of your research be? • You may want to use ‘I’ in this section. Conclusion (200) Reference list • You need to include two types of references: i) references regarding the focus area of your research, ii) references to research methodology literature. Appendices • You must include the completed proposal form.