Exploring Twine and its uses

For Module 2, you should be
• reading through slides for this week
• watching Turkle’s TED Talk
• reading the two texts linked below
• exploring Twine and its uses
• playing/reading “With Those We Love Alive”
• finding and playing another example of a videogame online
• participating in the Discussion Board for Module 2
1.In “With Those We Love Alive,” you are asked to draw various “glyphs” (symbols that you’ve created) onto your arm. This makes the game interactive and embodied in a way that reflects and extends the haptics of certain video game consoles. If you decide not to draw all over your arm, that’s completely fine, but if you have decided to play the game in this way, feel free to share your glyphs below and to comment on the experience. What (if anything) did it add to the game? Have you played games like this before? Have you read texts like this before?
2.What rings true from Turkle and boyd?
Boyd writes, “Inevitably, by the time this book is published, the next generation of teens will have inhabited a new set of apps and tools, making social network sites feel passé” (5). Her book came out in 2014, but she seems to be onto something. (Do any of you, for instance, have a MySpace account?) What are the apps that you use now to stay connected? How do you see the ideas that Turkle and boyd discuss transferring over to your new and/or preferred platform? Are there ways in which Turkle or boyd’s ideas no longer seem relevant?
3.A Return to Our DH Definitions: Is this DH?
In our readings for this week, we looked at a variety of digital objects and communities: digital communication, social media, and videogames. A number of DH scholars would balk at the idea that the material we’ve looked at should be included in the field of DH. Why do you think this is? Would you agree or disagree with them? Go back to your definitions of DH from last week. Do the ideas that we’ve come across in our reading for this week fit your definition?
4.In this thread, please note what game you played (in addition to With Those We Love Alive) and include a link to the game if possible. How does the game you chose compare to With Those We Love Alive? Matt Margini sets up two ways to talk about videogames (which I’ve covered in the slides for this week). Choosing one of these methods, write a brief commentary on the game you selected.