Expo 2020 Dubai

Write it in plane and simple english as I am not a native speaker. (very plane and simple)

References should all be from websites. (provide the URL)

Do not under cite, but rather over cite.

Start with a hook that grabs the reader’s attention.

Define Expo 2020 Dubai and provide background information.

Population dynamics (with reference to migration; push and pull factors; population pyramid)

Population density (arrangements made by the government to manage the challenges)

Challenges faced by the government regarding equitable distribution of resources (space, food, water, electricity, etc)

Focus on the above points but also add other points related to the above ideas.

The research paper should be rich of ideas revolving around the topic (Expo 2020)

IMPORTANT REMARK: The research paper should be divided into 3 parts in which 3 students have supposedly written it and then merged it. After each of the 3 parts provide references separately to make it look like they were written by 3 different students and then put together in 1 document.

Also, you could write part of the research in bullet points instead of a paragraph.