Export Control Exercise Directions




Answer the following Unit I (Overview of the Export Administration Regulations) questions:1) Your clients from Armenia are visiting your office to further discuss their interest in starting production of anti-friction bearings. Is this visit to further discussions on how to produce anti-friction bearings subject to the EAR? If so, explain why. Now answer the following Unit 2 (Classification of Items on the Commerce Control List) questions:2) In which part of the EAR would you find the ECCN entries and their technical parameters?3) Product: Nuclear Radiation Shielding WindowSpecifications:Made of high density lead glass.Cold area = 0.10 m2Density = 3.3g / crrr’Thickness = 100 mmDesigned for general laboratory and medical research applications. Not specially designed for nuclear reactors or reprocessing facilities.Identify the ECCN and the reason(s) for control. Next determine the export licensing requirements for the following destinations:ECCN: _____________          Reason(s) for control_______________________________ Destination CCL based License Requirement (Y or N?) List Based License Exceptions Germany  Brazil  Libya  Syria   4. Fingerprinting powders, dyes, and inks   ECCN:             Reasons for Control: _________________________________________5. Non-“numerically controlled” machine tools for generating optical quality surfaces, and specially designed components thereof; Bi-directional slide positioning repeat-ability less (better) than 0.00025 mm per 300 mm of travel.ECCN: _____________________ Reasons for Control: _____________________6. Devices primarily useful for the surreptitious interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications, other than those controlled under 5A001.f.1; and “parts,” “components” and “accessories” therefor.ECCN: ___________      Reason(s) for control: ________________________ UNIT III: Determining Licensing Requirements Based on the ECCN and Destination7)  A company from Germany has inquired about receiving optical detectors, 6A002.a.l, that will be used in a project involving missile delivery systems. Is there an export license required for this transaction? If so, what would be the reason for control?