external consultant on a project that involves the construction of a multipurpose performance venue (indoor arena) in Shanghai (China).

In Order description

Order Description

have been hired as an external consultant on a project that involves the construction of a multipurpose
performance venue (indoor arena) in Shanghai (China). The sponsors of the project are BCM, an American
worldwide sporting and music entertainment presenter, and OPS, a Chinese cultural company engaged in
media and touring. The venue will be owned, operated and managed by the BCM-OPS joint venture. This
indoor arena is being designed by a Swiss architectural studio. The construction company chosen is from Spain.
Quality assurance of construction works will be carried out by a British firm. On the other hand, a famous
German car manufacturer has reached an agreement with the sponsors for the naming rights of the arena. In
addition, sponsors plan to hire an international music star to perform a concert on the opening day.
Your task is to prepare an initiation document (2500 words) for this project, drawing on international project
management theory and frameworks, to present to the project sponsors for approval. This document should
consider the following aspects of the project:

1. An outline project plan (Gantt chart) showing the main tasks and significant milestones. The Gantt
chart needs to show a minimum of 15 tasks. There is no need for you to prepare an outline project
budget, as this will be prepared by a colleague, based on the Gantt chart. Briefly outline the rationale
for your chart with particular reference to the key stages of the project lifecycle

2. An initial assessment of stakeholders and recommendations on how these stakeholders should be
managed to maximize the chance of achieving the project’s objectives. Discuss how this should be
monitored and managed over the project lifecycle.

3. An initial assessment of risk and opportunities presented by the project and response strategies
proposed. Provide a clear analysis of the methods that will be used to monitor and manage the
project, in particular reviewing risk, over the project lifecycle.

4. Highlight and critically discuss any cultural and communication, that you believe will positively or
negatively impact upon such projects.

5. Recommend any actions that you feel would help this international project run more smoothly in
relation to the above-mentioned aspects. In particular, highlighting the requirements to ensure that
project methodologies and their application are successful.