external environment organisation

external environment organisation

Order Description

As the operations manager for an organisation of your choice, prepare a presentation that highlights the following aspects to be presented at the monthly board meeting.

1. Analyse the external environment to identify and explain factors that make an impact on the organisations operations.

2. Use the analysis to identify and explain key forces acting upon the organisation.

3. Explain how the organisation can work towards enhancing competitive advantage based on the analysis of the external factors and key forces.

4. Identify the potential challenges that the organisation may come across as a result of these factors and forces.

(LO: SM- 4, 5, 6. MMS- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. MSSE- 1, 5. GM – 1, 2, 3, 4,6, 7)

Number of slides: 20 Slides Maximum including introductory and summary slides
Word count for notes: 1500

Word count
It is mandatory that candidates adhere to the specified word count given in the assignment brief within a margin of -/+10%. For certain tasks, the assignment brief may specify the page count depending on the task requirement, and although a word count may not be applicable for these, the page count must be adhered to at all times. All tables, charts, diagrams, referencing (in-text) is considered as part of the assignment word count.

If the task requires candidates to present a presentation, the word count will be applicable to the notes provided only. The assignment questions may also specify the number of slides, in which case the candidates are required to adhere to this as well.

Any supporting documents that you choose to use to reinforce your answer, need to be attached at the end of the report as appendices, in order to equip the examiner with the required background knowledge on the information you have provided within the report.

Referencing and professionalism
To ensure that candidates follow a professional stance at all times, they need to:
• Use Harvard referencing for all citations and references (including in-text)
• Use professional business English in presenting their work
• Third party referencing should be made at all time where the words ‘I’, ‘We’, ‘Me’ etc., must not be used within the answer