Factors that influence equity pricing.

Question 1
Identify the factors that influence equity pricing. How would you value a stock of a startup company expected to grow dividends rapidly during the years 1-5 before its dividend growth stabilizes?
Answer in 300 words or more excluding the references
Question 2
Select a publicly traded company on the US stock market.
What is the ticker symbol of the company you chose?
What is the Current Stock Price?
What is the Market Cap for the stock you chose?
What is the Price to Earnings Ratio?
What is the Dividend and Yield?
What is the Enterprise Value?
What is the Beta?
Was there a Stock Split, and if so, when?
What was the closing stock price for the last 5 days?
What was the 52 Week High for this stock?
What is the Book Value per Share?
What type of rating are analysts recommending (i.e. buy, hold, etc.)?
What is the target price analysts are predicting for this stock?
What is the analyst’s average revenue estimate for next year?
What are some of the significant news items and press releases made by the company over the last year?
Explain in 300 words why you would or would not recommend investing in this stock. Your paper should be 2 pages double spaced APA formatted. Provide references for your content.