Fallacies in the Media’s Spotlight

Identify and research a person in the media’s spotlight who has used a specific logical fallacy. Please be
sure the thesis statement includes the logical fallacy you discuss in your paper, the person who used it, and
a brief look at the examples from your paper showing how the fallacy was used. Use a persuasive tone
throughout to encourage your chosen audience to accept your thesis statement. Detailing the fallacy
examples and explaining how they relate to your chosen fallacy is a strong persuasive method for the body
paragraphs. Strive to provide at least three examples (one for each body paragraph) where the person
used the fallacy.

Sample Thesis Statement: “Kim Kardashian used the Post Hoc Fallacy when (add example 1), (add
example 2), and (add example 3).”

Option #2: Dear Editor:

Select a problem in your community or your school that you feel passionately about (students talking on
cell phones in the classroom, the need for more recreational centers in your city, etc.) and write a letter to
the editor of your local newspaper. (For tips on writing a strong opinion letter, visit

You do not need to format this assignment like a formal business letter, but do start your letter with the
phrase “Dear Editor:”

In the body of your letter, explain the problem (suggested for body paragraph 1), express your views on it
such as the potentially negative effects (suggested for body paragraph 2), and then offer a solution to it
(suggested for body paragraph 3). In order to effectively persuade your audience—the newspaper’s
readers—to agree with you and to act on your solution, you will need to fully understand the problem and
understand your audience. In addition, you will need to be able to describe the 4 COT TT emeelomclel laa