Determine which of the following statements are logical arguments and which are fallacies. If
the statement is not logical, identify the fallacy that best applies.

1. Almost all the students I talked to said that they didn’t like the senator. I’m sure he’ll lose
the election on Tuesday.
2. This car has a noisy engine; therefore, it must create a lot of pollution.
3. I don’t know how Professor Resnick can be such a hard grader. He’s always late for class.
4. A vote for the bill to limit gun sales in the city is a vote against the Second Amendment.
5. It’s only fair to pay your fair share of taxes.
6. I had an internship at a government agency last summer, and no one there worked very
hard. Government workers are lazy.
7. It’s a clear principle of law that people are not allowed to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater.
By permitting protestors to hold a rally downtown, Judge Cohen is allowing them to do just
8. Of course this person is guilty. He wouldn’t be in jail if he weren’t a criminal.
9. Schools are like families; therefore, teachers (like parents) should be allowed to discipline
their kids.
10. Everybody knows that staying out in the rain can make you sick.
11. When we had a draft in the 1960s, the crime rate was low. We should bring back the draft.
12. I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV. I recommend Vicks Formula 44 cough syrup.
13. Some people are complaining about public schools, so there must be a problem.
14. If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
15. All people are mortal. James is a person. Therefore, James is mortal.
16. I don’t know why you gave me an F for handing in someone else’s essay. Didn’t you ever
copy something from someone else?
17. First, the government stops us from buying assault rifles. Then, it limits the number of
handguns we can buy. What will come next? Soon, they’ll try to take away all our guns.
18. Shakespeare was the world’s greatest playwright; therefore, Macbeth must be a great play.
19. Last month, I bought a new computer. Yesterday, I installed some new software. This
morning, my computer wouldn’t start up. The new software must be causing the problem.
20. Ellen DeGeneres is against testing pharmaceutical and cosmetics products on animals, and
that’s good enough for me.