Family assessment film review

Section 1: Definition of Family. Describe the identified family. Name, age, race, ethnicity, gender, preferred language, sense of history, degree of emotional bonding, and how they engage in goal setting, problem-solving and decision-making. Section 2: Problem Identification. List and describe the challenges, issues and concerns impacting the family. Explain how it is affecting any of the mental, emotional, spiritual, social and behavioral characteristics of the family. Describe the stress family is experiencing. Describe the barriers and risks affecting the problem. Section 3: Boundaries. Describe how boundaries are implemented, interaction patterns, role functioning, and balance of power. Identify any parenting issues impacting the relationship, discipline, and management of issues. Section 4: Strengths and Resources. Describe the following areas and provide examples how they assist the family: Individual strengths Beliefs and values Strengths and evidence of resilience Supportive family Community involvement Social service involvement (food stamps, Medicaid, etc.) Section 5: Stage development. Describe the stage of development the family is experiencing. Provide examples from the video to strengthen your argument. Section 6: Assessment Measures Used. ATTACH the assessment measure used for the family. Students may use the following: Ecomap Genogram Culturagram Risk assessment Assessment worksheet Section 7: Intervention. Develop a plan of interventions to assist both Big Mama and Walter.