Family Assessment


Maria Sanchez a 24 year old Hispanic lesbian, was currently interviewed in the household, but her significant other Susan was not- I have the attached the
interview between her and I – I have also attached a Vignette on the client i interviewed for you to look at and utilize- Please use both attachment when
putting together this paper. Please create a small, but brief genogram close to the end of the paper to show Maria family structure anyway you like-

The purposes of this assignment are to:

Interview a family using a structure based on one of the theoretical frameworks;- I have already done this for you- This will be attached-

Assess how issues impact the Hispanic family system based on a selected model;


There are two parts to this assignment: a family interview and an assessment paper.

Cover the following:


Human validation





The interview aims to collect information for this paper,

DO NOT provide any actual treatment and intervention-


Then, in this paper-

Assess how issues impact the Hispanic family system based on the selected mode

Provide your critical reflection of practice competencies and its multicultural practice application

Construct a genogram and an ecomap of the family-

Discuss the following and organize your family assessment paper as follows:

I – Assessment




Prepare your interview questions by including the following aspects: Please provide question and answer on separate page from

1- Family background and impacts of family issues: Briefly provide the family background, and discuss how Hispanic family issues affect individuals and
other family members’ social and psychological functioning (attach both genogram and ecomap as appendix)

2- The types and quality of relationships depicted in the genogram and the ecomap

3- The stage of the family life cycle (see Bitter, 2014, pp- 450-451)

4- The strengths and vulnerabilities of the Hispanic family

5- Cultural elements: What are the effects that ethnicity and diversity have on the family, within the family, and its environmental systems (i-e- common
characteristics, values about seeking help, the impact of race, class, religion, gender roles, and historical factors)-

II – Personal & Professional Critical Reflection

A critical reflection of practice competencies (e-g-, any insights gained in applying the selected theoretical framework for assessing the family) and
multicultural practice application – particularly in Hispanic culture based on the experience of the interview and this assignment-