Family-centred practices for Preschools


This essay has three parts called Component A Component B Component C All resources and readings will be attached to the order All the steps on how to do the essay are attached in a file called HOW TO DO ASSESSMENT THREE After you have read that, please read the documents called: Components A and B: Assessment Requirements Component C: Assessment Requirements This will have all the essay requirements.

How to do Assessment 3

ESS424 Advance Organiser: Module 2, Unit 1

How to do Components A and B

Task 1 Read
Reading 2.1 Cologon (2014). “Not just being accepted but embraced”: Family perspectives on inclusion.
Reading 2.2 Kennedy (2017). Re-imagining family partnerships: Shifting practice from a focus on disadvantage to engagement and empowerment.

Task 2 Read and Reflect
Reading 2.3 Fordham, & Johnston, (2014). Family-centred practice for inclusive early years education.
Reading 2.4 Pearson, Mohamad, & Zainal (2014). Cultural and linguistic diversity in the early years. Implications for inclusion and inclusive practice.

Task 3 Create
Assessment 3, Component A:
Perspective on working in partnership with families

Task 4 Read
Reading 2.5 ECA & ECIA Joint Position Statement on the Inclusion of Children with a Disability
Reading 2.6 Transitions
Reading 2.7 Individualised Programs
Reading 2.8 Physical Environment
Reading 2.9 Equipment & Toys
Reading 2.10 Children’s Relationships

Task 5 Create
Assessment 3, Component B.
Description of your EC setting; Inclusion Checklist; and reflection

How to do Component C

ESS424 Advance Organiser: Module 2, Unit 2
Task 1 Read
Reading 2.11 Wong, (2014). Inter-professional practice to support inclusion.
Reading 2.12 Cologon & Cocksedge (2014). The A- Z of IFSPs, IEPs, and SSPs

Task 2 Input
Read the module material provided on Evidence Base, Standards, Accountability & Practice

Task 3 Read
Reading 2.13 Centre for Community Child Health. (2010). DEECD Early Childhood Intervention Reform Project_ A revised literature review. (pp. 46 – 52).

Task 4 Create
Assessment 3, Component C.
Understanding and preparing for an IFSP
Submit Assessment 3: Components A, B, & C as one document via EASTS.
See Subject outline for due date.