This assignment has two parts One
Write a research paper (500-750 words) using one to two resources describing family influence on children’s development. Address the following:
How familial relationships and environment affect children’s development positively or negatively.
Why educators need to know about the effects of family environment on children.

Part 2: Write a paper (250-500 words) that addresses the following:
Review the case study found on page 67 in the textbook.
Analyze how familial relationships and environment affect Cedric Jennings. Provide support for your answer.
This is the story
Cedric Lavar Jennings and his mother Barbara are a close-knit family of two. One night in Cedric’s senior year,they go to his high school to pick up his fi rst-semester grade report. Knowing that he is one of the top students—perhaps the top student—in his physics class, Cedric is shocked to discover a B for his semester’s work.He’s furious, because, as he tells his mother, many students have been cheating on class exams, whereas hehas been taking the exams the hard way— honestly. At fi rst Barbara isn’t overly concerned, but as Ron Suskindreports in A Hope in the Unseen (1998), when Cedric asks what they will do, she soon realizes that he needs herto be the vigilant protector she has always been.The two of them immediately go in search of Cedric’s physics teacher, Mr. Momen. After fi nding him,Cedric complains vigorously and points out that Mr. Momen often leaves the room when students are taking tests—hence, the rampant cheating. Although Mr. Momen tries to defend himself, Barbara stands fi rm, insisting that her son would not lie about something so important. Mr.  Momen fi nally agrees to give Cedric a retest over the semester’s material. Afterward, Barbara advises her son that he must get an A. Cedric studies hard for the test, earns a perfect score, and ultimately receives an A for the semester. He brings home the test for her to examine, and as she looks at it, it dawns on her that their relationship is changing, and that she can no longer be at his side when he heads off to college. Cedric also realizes that he is now ready to advocate for himself. He points to the test score and suggests that the paper certifi es Barbara’s successful graduation as mother.
Paper addresses such things as how familial relationships and environment affect children’s development for good or bad. Explanation of why educators need to know about the effects of family environments on children is present. Key ideas are supported by examples. Research is adequate, current, and relevant, and addresses all of the elements stated in the assignment criteria.
Judgment of the effect of how familial relationships and environment affect Cedric Jennings is rational, given the case study. Logical analysis is evident in the details provided. Main points are identifiable, convincing, and supported by the readings.
The writer is clearly in command of standard, written academic English
In-text citations and a references page are complete. The documentation of cited sources is free of errors.


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