Family Interview – Compare and Contrast Cultures



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It is important to identify and understand your own family culture in order to be able to understand and respect other cultures. Interview a family member, and an individual from another culture
with which you are unfamiliar. Some examples of an individual from another culture to consider for the assignment include a neighbor, coworker, patient, or friend. Please inform the individuals of
the purpose of this assignment and make sure you receive their consent.


1. Family beliefs: Have they changed over generations?
2. Educational and occupational status in the culture and in the family
3. Communication methods: verbal and nonverbal
4. Current family goals/priorities
5. Family member roles and organizational systems
6. Spiritual beliefs: current practice and death and dying
7. Alternative lifestyles
8. Work attitudes and structure
Written Paper:
Using the “Family Interview” template, interview your designated family member and the person from another culture. Be sure to write your responses in a way that will assist you in writing your
paper. After the interview is completed, write a paper of 750-1,000 words that includes the following:
1. An introductory paragraph with the reasons for selecting the interviewees.
2. A summary of the responses from the interview template gathered from the interviewees.
3. A comparison and contrast of your findings between the two interviewees.
4. A reflective concluding paragraph on how family roles affect the cultural domains and relationships for each individual.