RESEARCH only answer the following questions:

  1. locate the state of North Carolina divorce law and determine the following: Are fault grounds still used, or is north carolina a pure no fault jurisdictions
    if yes, what grounds are available? what defenses are available?
    What no fault grounds is (are) available in the state of north carolina.
    What must a party show to qualify for a no fault divorce?
  2. According to NC general statutes, which marriages may be declared void? In your answer state the statute(s) you found the information in.
  3. How is “marital misconduct” defined for the purposes of this chapter on divorce? In your answer state the statute(s) you found your information in.
  4. Look up N.C.G.S. 50-11 and explain the provisions. DO NOT simply recopy the statute, read the statute, interpret the statute and put your answer in your own words.
  5. Look up N.C.G.S. 31A-1 and list what the spouses lose upon the granting of an Absolute Divorce. What is different when a divorce from bed and board is granted?