Federal and State HR laws

Please use EXACT questions as headlines and please include a reference for each question under the answer.

Lake City Bank prefers younger employees for its management training program and limits its recruiting to college job fairs. Does this practice violate federal law prohibiting age-based discrimination in employment?

ACME Products is trying to reduce costs of its management-level employees. Can ACME replace a 50-year-old manager with another 50-year-old manager who makes a lower salary without violating federal law?

Rylie is a 35-year-old female with 15 years of warehousing experience. Rylie applied for a warehouse manager position with ACME Products. Among other duties, the warehouse manager is the only warehouse employee authorized to operate a forklift throughout the massive warehouse. The warehouse handles expensive electronic equipment, and only managers are permitted to drive forklifts for safety and security reasons. Due to a genetic defect, Rylie has no use of her left arm and is legally blind, although she can see things held close to her face. Rylie was not hired for the warehouse manager position even though she had more warehousing experience than the other two candidates, who were both former coworkers. Rylie believes she was passed over for the position because of unlawful discrimination in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Assuming Rylie’s condition was a disability under the ADA, meaning a condition that substantially impairs one or more major life activities, what else would Rylie have to do show to prevail on her ADA complaint? Based on the facts presented, what would be the likely outcome of her ADA complaint?

What records regarding employees are employers required to keep and make available to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)?

Anchor Industries is a privately operated factory in Illinois. Anchor is uncertain whether or not its warehouse positions are considered a hazardous occupation in terms of employing individuals under 18 years of age. From what agency would Anchor seek guidance?

Tom works full time for ACME Products. Tom requests six weeks leave under the Family Medical Leave Act to take care of a child with a serious health problem. What additional facts do you have to know about Tom and about ACME to determine if Tom is eligible for FMLA leave?

Jean is a full-time employee at ACME Products. Jean would like to take six weeks of leave under the Family Medical Leave Act to care for her father, who has been diagnosed with kidney failure. His condition is not terminal, and with treatment he is expected to recover. He will not be hospitalized, but he lives with Jean and she has been his sole caregiver, so Jean is concerned that having her father living at home might keep her from FMLA eligibility. You are the human resources director for ACME Products. What would you tell Jean?

Mike works full time for ACME Products. He requests eight weeks of leave under the Family Medical Leave Act for the birth of his child. He would like to take three weeks leave when his child is born and another three weeks leave two months later. Is ACME required to grant Mike’s request for leave?

ACME Products employs 2,500 workers in four locations, including 1,250 at its Wilmington, Delaware, central distribution center. Because of a business downturn, ACME management decides to close the Wilmington distribution center for one month. The management team meets with the Wilmington employees, informs them of the decision and sends them home. What is the correct term for this decision by ACME? How do some employers use this term for other purposes?

What is an H-1B visa and what individuals are eligible for an H-1B visa?

A newly hired employee provides two documents to the Human Resources department: a birth certificate and a Social Security card. Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act, are these two documents sufficient to establish identity and the right to work in the United States?