Feedback Opportunities

IV. Feedback Opportunities
Formative (Whilst you’re working on the coursework)
You will have an opportunity for informal feedback on a draft of your work during the seminar in Week 14.

Summative (After you’ve submitted the coursework)
You will receive specific feedback regarding your coursework submission together with your awarded grade when it is returned to you. Clearly, feedback provided with your coursework is only for developmental purposes so that you can improve for the next assessment or subject-related module.
V. Moderation
The Moderation Process
All assessments are subject to a two-stage moderation process. Firstly, any details related to the assessment (e.g., clarity of information and the assessment criteria) are considered by an independent person (usually a member of the module team). Secondly, the grades awarded are considered by the module team to check for consistency and fairness across the cohort for the piece of work submitted.

VI. Aspects for Professional Development Portfolio
You could use a selection of your presentation slides as evidence of your skills in scientific communication for your Skills Portfolio.