Female Genital Mutilation in African Societies

Female Genital Mutilation in African Societies

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On different occasions during the course of the semester students have raised an interest in having a closer look at ethical relativism.

Female genital mutilation (FGM, herein) is a practice widely spread across Africa where it is morally acceptable and this process consists of cutting off the clitoris and labia of girls. According to cultural traditions this procedure will ensure “sexual purity” before marriage. There are different degrees of FGM and range from cutting the clitoris and the labia to narrowing the opening of the vagina by reposition and stitching the labia to only leave a small opening as small as 5 millimeters wide to allow the urine and menstrual fluids out of the vagina. This procedure is commonly done without anesthesia on girls whose age fluctuates from infancy to eight years old. Mutilated females suffer from recurrent vaginal and pelvic infections, painful sex, psychological damage and complications during childbirth. It would seem to us that this practice occurs in a distant continent and most likely in remote villages. However, GFM is currently being practice in some communities of African immigrants in the US. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are currently 150,000 to 200,000 girls in the US that are currently at risk of undergoing this procedure. GFM is not performed by a physician but rather by a member of that community. Close and extended family members put a lot of pressure on the parent to have their daughter undergo these procedures. Many victims do not report their FGM for fear of getting a family member in trouble or for facing possible retaliation from their family.

I selected this case to have a discussion on ethical relativism. This is a case in which there is a practice that is morally acceptable in one culture that is deemed morally unacceptable by our own culture. In this discussion I would like you to 1) write a minimum of 500 words (0.5 points) arguing whether or not we should respect the moral code that allow FGM in these African societies. In your explanation you must justify your answer by providing a minimum of two facts and/or precedents to support your arguments (2 points). You must also include in your argument whether or not our society has any right or responsibility to judge this culture and to tell them that FGM is an immoral behavior (2 points). You must support your stance on this question with facts. Take a stance on whether or not our society must invest human and monetary resources to forbid this practice and change the mind of these African societies in their own countries (1 point). Before taking a stance you must keep in mind that this practice has taken place for hundreds or years.

There are several other practices that are currently practiced in several other societies that are considered moral by them but immoral by our American society. In the case of immigrants, do we as a society have any right or responsibility to forbid any single practice or action that we consider immoral even though under the culture in which they grew up the practice is moral or should we select what immoral practices we should forbid from our society and which one we should allow. You must provide a minimum of 3 reasons that include facts and precedents to support your stance. (3 points)