Feminist and/or Race Theories in Sociology of North American Sport

Apply at least one of the sociological theories reviewed in the textbook “Sociology of North American Sport” by Sage, Eitzen and Beal. When you apply your chosen theory or theories, (attached reading pieces herein), you must also say why you believe it is the best of for your particular study; i.e. you must argue why it’s most relevant to your particular study, and why others are not. The paper requires a deeper-than-superficial-thought, ultimately because applying a sociological theory will help you better understand what you saw/heard in the course of your research. Remember: sociological theories can serve as valuable “frames” to see sociological phenomena, and therefore can be key to deeper understanding. Find at least three scholarly resources, read them (more than just the abstract), and use their insights to support the thesis you argue in your paper. Do hands-on, original anthropological/sociological research to support the argument in your paper. This means doing in-person interviews and/or direct observation of some sport of contemporary society. This major research writing paper requires 3,000 word counts (so I am thinking of choosing two theories (Feminist and Race Theories); however, we can narrow to one chosen theory, which is “Feminist Theory” if you as writer, are able to collaborate this context with 3000 word total. Further to instructions provided in the details, please advise the writer the following that can be helpful to prepare for this paper by addressing the three prompts thoroughly: 1. Write out what sport institution (i.e. team or organization) or phenomenon (i.e. sport, activity, or trend) that you are part of or that you know something about or are interested in. Provide background information, including what and how you know about it and why you want to study it. 2) Write about the two chosen theories with a brief summary of what this theory is about. 3) Name who you plan to interview and how you will be able to coordinate and conduct this interview. Why are they potentially a good person to interview for this paper.