Feminist Theory- What does it mean to live a feminist life?

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1: Feminist Theory- What does it mean to live a feminist life?

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1. How should someone live a feminist life? Choose 3-4 thinkers from the syllabus and use them to construct an answer to this question. Be sure to put the authors in conversation with each other. How does each author compare to the others? Do they have the same vision of a feminist life, or different visions? Do you agree with one or all of the authors? (You may use the authors you have already written about in papers 1-3, but you must include at least one new author).

2: Critical Incidents Essay (3,500 words)

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a Finance Trainee Teacher and my assignment must state two critical incidents which have occurred in teaching & learning situations: I have chosen one from own teaching experience at the college i work in and one from that i observed when someone else was teaching (this could include my own experience as a learner). The writer must critically reflect on the two incidents (which i have provided, it needs to be expanded) in relation to relevant pedagogic theories and consider how they relate to developing my inclusive education practice.
For the purposes of this assignment, a critical incident may be an event that triggered a change to the way i conceptualise teaching and learning, or influenced my teaching practice. A critical incident is an event significant to my developing ideas of teaching and learning. The incidents under investigation could be either a positive or negative, or one of each. Both of my incidents are negative.

The following be included
• Title
• Introduction (Explain what you are going to talk about throughout this assignment, what i am teaching: I am teaching Finance part of a BTEC course. And where? ……, student age group? 16 and 17 years old. How many students do you have? 12 students, Define critical incident).
• Description and critical analysis of two separate critical incidents
• Consideration of own specialist or context area and appropriate subject – specific or context – specific pedagogy.
• Discussion of how the critical incidents relate to relevant theories of learning and inclusive practice.
• Discussion of how the incidents have impacted on, or will influence my own teaching practice.
• Conclusion
•Referencing (Harvard)