fiduciary loyalty

Dating back to September 19, 2016, attorney David K. Rosen was ordered by the State Bar to serve a six-month suspension, which he refused to abide by and continued representing clients. Attorney Rosen was handed the suspension due to his lackadaisical attitude in representing his clients. He failed to treat his clients with fiduciary loyalty and care as well as completely failing to perform his duties as a lawyer. With regards to Rosen’s behavior, he frequently missed deadlines to file claims, medical liens, did not possess adequate professional liability insurance and worst of all his actions resulted in his client’s cases being dismissed when trying to bring forth civil suits. This type of behavior makes me cringe and is such a horrendous thing to happen to any individual. Obviously, attorney Rosen has been suspended for two years which the suspension begins later in June of this year and I think he may continue to do the same thing until a harsher punishment is handed to him. I think there is something going on in this man’s life, rather it is his health, or a result of tough circumstances he may be facing in his life, regardless of the issue, legal matters are serious things and I believe every client deserves to be served with respect and integrity. I think this article fails to illustrate how catastrophic misrepresentation of legal counsel can be. Honestly, this attorney should be disbarred permanently from practicing law, there are many different articles that reference other situations pertaining to attorneys who are disbarred for menial actions. For example, an attorney was disbarred for mismanaging trust accounts and I think events such as this deserves a suspension opposed to lazy representation. Thinking on behalf of the client, that person’s life may be changed dramatically by failing to perform a fiduciary duty for their client and I believe stricter punishments should be offered to protect future clients.

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