Fiduciary Responsibility

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1.Describe the fiduciary responsibilities related to the role of the nurse in various aspects of healthcare organizations. (CLO 3) 2. Analyze the conflicting priorities of budgeting and allocation of resources within a healthcare system. (CLO 1) Part Three: Fiduciary Responsibility 1. Read, review and study M & H chapters 10 and 17 in your text, you may cite from your text for this paper 2. Complete an interview with an individual in your organization that is responsible for preparing the unit, division/department, or hospital budget (e.g. Nurse Manager, Nurse Director, CNO, Finance Director, etc.). 3. Use the open-ended interview questions that you prepared to elicit information to help you understand your organization’s budget process. Budget Process • Describe the budget process, including the allocation and distribution of resources Relationship of Budget to Organizational Goals • Identify and describe how the budget process relates to the following: (a) mission and vision, and (b) organizational goals or objectives of your organization. Fiduciary Challenges • Discuss challenges related to the budget process of the unit and hospital. Professional nurse’s fiscal role • Describe the role of the professional nurse as it relates to fiduciary responsibility. • How does financial concerns affect the nurses’ priorities when providing patient care? Formatting instructions: 5.