Fieldwork preparation report

  1. What are the key effects of aircraft noise? Briefly comment on the prevalence of the noise issue using

global examples (provide references) (10%)

  1. Identify at least four stakeholders in the Sydney airport noise issue, and briefly describe each

stakeholder’s role in managing and mitigating the negative impact of aircraft-noise (10%)

  1. Provide an overview of how Sydenham Green came to be. How severe is the noise impact? Explain how

the construction of Sydney’s third runway led to Sydenham Green. (35%)

  1. How does or doesn’t Hardin’s ‘logic of the commons’ help explain the situation at Sydenham Green?

What does Hardin (1968) mean by ‘mutual coercion’ and is it relevant for managing the noise problem in

Sydenham Green? Explain. (35%)