Film analysis- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – Ang Lee

Film analysis- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – Ang Lee
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Develops a thesis, presents an interpretation and develops that throughout the paper especially in the introduction and conclusion- Interpretation/thesis easily identifiable, plausible, novel, sophisticated, insightful. Content in paper clearly supports the interpretation/thesis statements. Discusses aspects of film analysis- Fully includes all requirements of film analysis. Establishes and maintains clear focus.
Focused, fluent, and grammatically correct statement on potential impact on school building administrator with thoughtful, organized supporting details that lead to your opinion or speculation- Thorough Evaluation based on sound research. Clearly demonstrates careful and insightful understanding of major ideas and assumptions. Opinions are stated as opinions. Proper grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, and style. Clear and concise point of view and logical sequence of information. Crystal clear & direct connections to all information.
The film analysis is covering Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – Ang Lee
Analyze the structure and design of a film by looking at narrative, cinematography, editing, sound, and other film details based on concepts learned in class. Through exploration of the techniques and fundamental elements of film, also investigate how films produce meaning in this seven-page, double-spaced paper (not including title page and bibliography) in APA style. The paper must include at least three scholarly resources, including the course text. combine thoughtful analysis with ideas and information found in the. use evidence to support the contentions they have drawn from their findings and critically analyze related literature – this paper is an analytical paper, not a summary of readings.
covering narrative form, Mise en Scene, Cinematography,