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1.Describe how the topic of each module affected Saudi Arabia as a country (i will upload the modules in a file ) 2.Provide a deep analysis on the 8th goal of the UN’s Sustainable development goals which is( Decent Work and Economic Growth) if pursued/implemented in Saudi Arabia and how would you implement it ? 3.Generate strategies for resolving the issues in Saudi Arabia for example lack of decent work ,clean water, lack of equality and human rights, falling oil prices, lack of economic diversity and security . Can your country resolve the issues alone or will it need international cooperation ? 4.Design a plan to implement your strategy . what are the barriers? what are the risks ?what are the benefits ? what are the costs ? what are the benefits ?Finally ,what capacity does Saudi Arabia have to overcome the issue? 5.Predict the outcomes for your solutions. who will policy change benefit/harm in the country ? who will be opposed to your solution ?

Module 4
KSA Inequality
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Inequality is a complex but important issue. We must face the fact that inequality will always exist. The resolution of inequality does not necessarily mean the utopianidea of complete equality. Some people will always have a comparative advantage over others. The resolution of inequality as in issue involves eliminating inequalities that arise because of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or even geographic location. Consider a world where the lowest economic classes lead dignified lives with equal opportunities for social mobility limited only by individual capabilities. A world where the poorest of the poor have economic and personal security; meaning enough food to eat and a means to sustain a dignified life. This world is the vision sought by the Sustainable Development Goals.
We have discussed the scale of this challenge and many questioned the viability of trying to address so many issues. Nonetheless, the world is a system; therefore, we need a systemic solution. Simultaneously addressing all 16 issues by organizing number 17, is an attempt at organizing a global response through the only agency on earthwith the political clout to even begin to organize global collaboration on these complex and interconnected issues.

consider the overlap in the two sources. How do they overlap with your article? Consider how these issues will play a role in your own life, and your professional career when you enter the workforce with your degree?