Finance and TAO


Task 1
You are a travel agent at ACA Travel Agency. Mr and Mrs Day come into the agency and have asked for a 5 day tour to Cairns from Sydney. The tour package they have researched and have in mind is valued at $1500.00 for the two adults. This tour package price however only includes airfares and accommodation.
However, using your research skills, you have found a package offer for them valued at $1800.00 for two which includes the following:
• Same Airfares
• Same Resort Accommodation
• Three meals a day
• Unlimited use of the jet ski’s while at the resort

Answer the following questions:

1. Outline how you would explain the benefits of having three meals per day and unlimited use of jet skis in this package to the customer?

2. You are also able to offer the Day’s an additional trip to Green Island for $60 per person and care hire for the 5 days with unlimited kilometres including insurance for $400. Explain the benefits of these add-ons.

3. Describe how you would sell the $1800 package and the add-ons to the Day’s and close the sale. Write out a 200 word description of the procedures you would follow when interacting with Day’s. This should include formats suitable for presentation to clients with special needs- eg large print, electronic.

Start your description with:
• Meeting and greeting the customer
• Qualifying the customer (asking questions, listening, controlling the conversation)
• Explaining the features and benefits of the inclusions in the $1800 package
• Selling additional products and services
• Closing the sale
• Following up after the sale
• Being courteous and appreciative
• The legal considerations – consumer liability, regulations relating to selling tourism products, and any special laws that may apply.

Task 2

You receive the following email from a new client.

To the manager of ACA Travel Agency

My family and I would like to book a tour for the next school holidays. We want to go somewhere nice for a week.



1. What questions should you ask Winnie to allow you to find the perfect holiday for her and her Family? Provide at least ten questions and suitable answers.

2. Provide a quote for the holiday that would be suitable based on the information that you have researched for them

Task 3

Explain how the tourism and travel industry rely on the operations of other related businesses.
Use the wine industry, taxi/transport services and raw food suppliers as examples for your response. (30-50 words each)

Description of the association
Raw food suppliers

Task 4

Two emerging trends in travel are Cruising and travelling with pets.
Research one of these or another emerging trend and provide an overview of the trend, the features and benefits and how it will/has developed over the last 2-3 years and the benefits of this trend to the Agency and other businesses involved. (150-200 words)

Task 5

You are a junior manager working for ACA Travel Agency. You recently sold a tour priced at $4770.00 not including GST. Your manager asks you to calculate the GST to be paid.

1. How much GST must be paid?
2. How much should the customer be quoted?

Task 6

You work as a travel consultant for ACA Travel Agency. You have agreed to provide a quote for a customer.

You need to calculate the actual total of these amounts

• $229.00 for return flights
• $180 a night for accommodation for five nights
• $60.00 for entry to a golf tournament H
• $120.00 a day for three days car hire
• $50.00 for transfers

1. Describe three methods that you could use to calculate the final cost of the package. (50 words)
2. Calculate the commission that you would make. Flights 3%, accommodation 7.5% car hire 10%
3. What products could you upsell?

Task 7

As a travel agent working for ACA Travel Agency how would you deal with the following:

1. Outline what information is required to prepare a quotation? Provide at least six sources.

2. Follow-ups can make customers feel valued and more likely to seek your
services again in the future. Identify at least three of the steps of follow-ups.

3. Identify at least five ways of establishing rapport with customers to promote
goodwill and trust?

4. State how you would share travel information with your colleagues. Provide 2