Financial Markets and Bank Management Portfolio

Financial Markets and Bank Management Portfolio

complete the report based on the uploaded word document!

mind, this is a requirement of this report!

Financial Markets and Bank Management Portfolio Guide


Choose an international bank for which you will write a report that addresses the following requirements:

•    Using the bank’s financial statements and appropriates ratios, analyse the bank’s profit performance for 2012 and 2013. In your analysis, you should examine the performance trends over the two years. 70% of marks

•    Based on the analysis, you should make specific recommendations to the management of the bank for improving the bank’s performance.  30 % of marks

Use report format

Word count 1000 words (excluding references and calculations)

Higher grades will be awarded for work that demonstrates
•    an understanding of the practice of bank management,
•    shows fluent and accurate use of terminology of bank management and financial risk management ,
•    clear expression about financial matters,
•    makes accurate and appropriate use of  analytical tools,
•    shows evidence of appropriate research,
•    addresses the task set, structures and supports arguments and has a conclusion that arises logically from the discussion, and
•    is presented professionally and to a high standard.